A wheel alignment will keep your vehicle moving in a straight direction by setting the proper angle of the front and rear wheels. While all four wheels should point perfectly forward, over time one or more of them will lose alignment. This will cause your vehicle to pull in one direction and create premature wear on your tires and suspension. Visit the wheel alignment specialists at Foreign Auto Services in Chantilly, VA, to avoid such problems.

Why Choose Foreign Auto Services for Your Wheel Alignment?

A Proper Wheel Alignment

While every vehicle has different requirements, most cars and trucks should get a wheel alignment inspection every year, and this applies to those in the Chantilly area. The frequency of this service will depend on how much you drive, as well as your type of driving— stop-and-go vs. highway, for example. Foreign Auto Services will perform a proper wheel alignment in every case.

Wheel Alignment
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Wheel Alignment

Accurate Alignment Results

Your vehicle’s handling, steering, suspension and tires all depend on correct wheel alignment. Even the slightest irregularity can increase tire wear and put strain on components. When your vehicle pulls to one side, rattles over bumps, or has an off-center steering wheel, the technicians at Foreign Auto Services will deliver accurate results.

Technology in Wheel Alignments

Our ASE-Certified technicians at Foreign Auto Services are equipped with specialized equipment to give you the precise wheel alignment you need. They undergo regular training on new technology and techniques, in order to ensure a long-lasting outcome once you drive away.

Our Alignment Guarantee

For any related repairs in addition to your wheel alignment, we use only Original Equipment or factory-approved aftermarket parts and fluids. At Foreign Auto Services we back our work with the best warranty you’ll find anywhere. Your vehicle is important to you, and we guarantee excellent workmanship across the board.

Visit the experts at Foreign Auto Services in Chantilly, VA, for your wheel alignment needs. Call us today or use the online form to schedule your appointment.

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What you can expect

For Wheel Alignment in Chantilly and surrounding Fairfax County, count on the experts at Foreign Auto Services.

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