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5 Brake Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Brake Warning Signs

The brakes are an integral part of a vehicle’s safety system. If the brakes aren’t properly functioning, you lose the ability to slow down or bring the car to a complete stop. Brakes have a lifespan that doesn’t leave much room for maintenance to be ignored. If it’s been a long time since the brakes were serviced, they’ll start to give clear signals that an inspection is needed. Below are five warning signs that your brakes need professional attention. 

1.    The Brake Light Has Comes On
The brake light can indicate you’re due for a service, or it can be alerting you to a problem. If your brakes have already been serviced, check that the parking brake is down. 
2.    Spongy Brake Pedal
If you step on the brake pedal and notice very little resistance, the brakes should be inspected. There could be air or moisture trapped in the braking system. There can also be a major problem with the master cylinder. 
3.    Squeal or Grinding Noises When Braking
If you’re driving and notice a metallic squeak, this usually indicates that the brakes are worn and need to be replaced. If you hear unusual grinding noises when pressing the brake pedal, this can indicate that gravel is stuck within the system. However, if the grinding sound is persistent, your pedal could be alerting you to significant brake damage.
4.    Leaking Brake Fluid
Spongy brakes and leaks go hand in hand. If your brake pads feel spongy, there could also be a leak within the fluid reservoir inside the master cylinder. 
5.    Burning Smell
If you notice a sharp burning smell after hard braking, the brakes or clutch may have overheated. Pull your vehicle over immediately to allow the brakes to cool off and prevent the brake fluid from boiling. 

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