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5 Car Noises You Should't Ignore

5 Car Noises You Shouldn't Ignore

High-pitched squealing brakes

The lifespan of the brake pads in your vehicle depends on your driving habits or the type of brake pads they are. Persistent, high-pitched squealing when applying brakes may indicate worn-out or thinning brake pads that need replacement. This is a safety issue that requires immediate attention to avoid decreasing your brake's stopping power.

High-pitched squealing at the start of engine

The sound of a high-pitched squealing at the start the engine infers a worn-out serpentine belt. A worn-out belt will begin to slip, making the squealing noise. You'd want to replace the belt early to prevent heavy steering (due to the loss of pressure from the power steering pump that is powered by the belt), or before it breaks, making your vehicle inoperable.

Roaring during acceleration

Roaring noise when accelerating suggests a hole in your muffler. A functioning muffler will silence the roaring but with a malfunctioned one your engine's sound waves are transmitted into your car. These noises should be examined without delay to prevent carbon monoxide from making way into the passenger compartment.

Rhythmic ticking

A rod knock is often behind ticking noises and is a serious problem. The rod in your engine is followed by a bearing and when this bearing fails, the rod will knock around, causing the ticking sound. This is a sign that your engine is no longer functioning properly and needs to be replaced, else the rod can fracture unexpectedly.

Popping or clicking turns

Popping or clicking noises from the front wheels when turning are a sign that your vehicle has a bad constant velocity (CV) joint. A CV joint needs to be lubricated and protected from dust and dirt, but a damaged CV means its grease may drip or become contaminated. A bad CV joint can make driving dangerous via you losing control of your car while driving.

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