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5 Key Signs It’s Time for an Oil Change

Oil changes are affordable and straightforward; when performed at regular intervals, they can enhance performance and increase your vehicle's lifespan. While most drivers rely on mileage intervals to identify when it's time to have the oil changed, it's always best to inspect the oil first hand. Your oil can be low or degraded before the scheduled mileage change comes up, so it's crucial to check it visually. If your engine is overdue for an oil change, the engine can struggle to perform and eventually overheat. Below are five indicators to determine if your vehicle will need an oil change sooner than later. 

Dirty Oil 

Healthy oil is an amber color and free of any debris. As you drive, the engine oil gets darker and collects particles from inside the engine. The only way to check the oil's quality is to pop the hood and pull the dipstick out. Make sure to wipe it first, then reinsert it, pull out the dipstick, and inspect the oil. If the fluid looks dark or has pollutants, it's time to schedule an oil change. 

Loud Engine Noise

Your engine oil is vital because it lubricates the engine by providing a thin barrier between its fast-moving parts. If an oil change is neglected, the dirty oil will break down and become ineffective. Over time you may find loud engine noises due to the metal engine parts knocking and rubbing together. Your engine should not be knocking and rumbling; if you notice these sounds, it's time to bring your vehicle in.  

Unusual Exhaust Smoke

Normal exhaust is typically a translucent vapor; there may be a problem at bay if the exhaust looks like actual smoke. Smoke coming from the tailpipe can be a sign that there's an oil leak. Oil leaks can wreak havoc on your vehicle, causing overheating and engine damage. 

Oil Smell

There's a cabin filter inside your vehicle to keep the air you breathe free of pollutants. Noticing an oil smell insides your vehicle should leave room for concern. A strong oil smell may also be a sign of a leak and can become more pronounced if there's exhaust smoke as well. The moment you smell oil inside your cabin, have your oil checked immediately.   

Oil Change Light

The oil canister will illuminate when the engine oil is too low or polluted. By the time the oil light comes on, significant damage may have already occurred. Never wait for the oil light to come on to schedule an oil change. The oil light is used to indicate that the engine is at high risk of damage. 

Oil Change in Chantilly, VA

The ASE Certified technicians at Foreign Auto Services have advance certifications for oil changes for all Domestic, Asian, and European Vehicles. Most of our repairs have the option of an in-house warranty covering your vehicle for 36 months. We also serve residents in Centreville, Ashburn, Hendon, South Riding, and Stone Ridge, VA. 

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