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How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My Car’s Ball Joints?

How Do I Know If I Need to Replace My Car’s Ball Joints?

Interestingly, a car's ball joints work like the ball joints in human beings. They connect one part of the car body to the other and enable steering. In this case, a vehicle's rim and tire to the suspension system. These joints also allow the steering knuckle to connect to the control arm. They are hardened steel balls with a tapered stud that extrudes from the center that is encased in lubricated housings. Ball joint replacements are not usually part of routine maintenance, and therefore not changed so often. However, the mechanic should check them with every service. If you have an old car model, you may need to lubricate them with every oil change. Symptoms That You Need To Change the Ball Joints Vibration and Shaking When ball joints wear, they cause the vehicle to shake and vibrate as you drive. The reason is that they become loose and move about as you steer your car. You will feel vibrations through the steering wheel and in the chassis. Shaking make ... read more

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