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Does Brake Fluid Expire?

Does Brake Fluid Expire?

The short answer is: Yes! Brake fluid can deteriorate over time. Your vehicle's brake fluid, or DOT fluid, is stored in a confined system. While it is designed to last you for years, external factors can corrupt the effectiveness of the fluid prematurely. When it comes to brake fluid, air and moisture (water) are its worst enemies. If they get into the fluid lines, they can wear down your brake components. If the fluid absorbs the moisture from the air, your DOT fluid's boiling point will lower, which will decrease your vehicle's stopping power. The water can also corrode the lines, calipers, cylinders, and other parts if left for too long, which can cause leaks. Vehicle owners need to know when they should have their brake fluid changed or flushed.   Likewise, the lasting ability of brake fluid depends on various factors like the automobile, the DOT fluid it takes, and the vehicle's operating conditions. Those who live in high humidity areas may need their brake ... read more

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