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Get Your Car Ready for Summer!

Get Your Car Ready for Summer!

Are you ready to hit the road, to feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin? You might meet some interesting people, catch up on some reading, party all night, or swim in the surf – whatever your plans may be, we wish you a lovely summer holiday. But before you head out, here are a few friendly reminders to help ensure your journey is safe and free of any unexpected surprises. Check out these top five tips. Tip #1 – Check your Tires Tire Threads: Check that your tires are safe for the journey, with enough remaining thread. An uncomplicated way to test your tire's tread depth is with a quarter. Insert a quarter into your tread groove. If the tread touches Washington's head, you have at least 4/32 inches of tread remaining. Wheel Alignment: An annual check-up of your wheel alignment could save you some bucks on gas, extend the life of your car's tires and smooth your ride. Potholes, curbs, rough roads, and general wear-and-tear can cause your alignment ... read more

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