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Do a Car’s Tires Need To Be Replaced?

When you're a first-time car owner, it can be quite alarming to realize all of the different things that need to be taken care of in order to ensure your vehicle keeps running smoothly. As a result of having to keep track of so many different areas, occasionally things fall by the wayside - especially a vehicle's tires.

Your car's tires are immensely important to the overall drivability of your vehicle, and we're not exaggerating. Below, we'll go in-depth about when to replace tires, how to maintain tires, and more.

1. Keep Them Inflated

If your tires aren't inflated correctly or begin to lose air pressure, you will see the effects of lessened fuel efficiency, lower drivability, and a general deterioration in performance. When we say drivability, we're referring to the overall handling of the vehicle - how easy it is to turn, maneuver, and how generally responsive the vehicle is.

Lower air pressure than is recommended can make a vehicle feel slow and sluggish, and that's one thing that no driver wants to deal with. Lessened fuel efficiency is another headache as well, as no one wants to be shelling out more money on gas. Properly inflated tires will also resist wear-and-tear better, ensuring a longer lifespan and more grip on the roads.

2. Keep Them Damage-Free

While we're sure we don't need to tell you this, damaged tires are prone to popping, and popped tires are prone to ruining your day. If you notice any punctures, tears, or cracks in your tires, then we'd recommend bringing your vehicle in to see if the tires need to be replaced. Damaged tires can lead to all of the problems we outlined above.

3. When to Replace Tires

If your wheels are bald to a significant degree, then they're no longer safe to drive. A good rule of thumb is the penny and quarter rule. Stick a quarter in the middle of your tire tread - if the edge of the coin is even with the tread, then you'll soon need new tires. Any obvious balding is a good sign you'll need new tires soon.

If you think you might need new tires, wheel replacements, or wheel alignments, then come by our auto repair shop for an evaluation!

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