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Engine Filter vs Cabin Filter

Filters are a simple yet essential part of a healthy functioning vehicle. Each car uses two types of filters to prevent outside contaminants from entering inside our vehicle. While engine filters and cabin filters seem interchangeable, they serve different purposes but offer similar benefits. It's no surprise that we need clean air to properly breath, but the car engine does as well. For a vehicle to perform its best, it needs a proper amount of fuel, a spark, and air. If any of these aspects are limited, a car will struggle to perform. Both engine and cabin filters get clogged over time and will need to be regularly replaced. How do you know when it's time to replace them, and what exactly is the difference between the two? Below is a simple guide to engine and cabin filters to keep you informed before your next maintenance service. 

The engine air filter.
The engine filter prevents outside dirt, dust, and environmental contaminants from entering the engine. This filter will get caked and clogged over time. And drivers who frequently travel off-road or in dusty areas may find themselves needing the change their engine filter more regularly. If the engine air filter becomes so dirty that it restricts air to the engine, you'll instantly notice an adverse effect. A dirty engine filter may cause: 

  •  Sluggish acceleration
  •  Black smoke to exit from the exhaust.
  •  Unusual engine sounds. 
  •  A decrease in fuel efficiency. 
  •  Misfiring spark plugs. 

The cabin air filter.
The cabin filter cleans the outside air that flows through the A/C system, heating, and ventilation. The cabin filter prevents pollen, dust, and other irritating allergens. Drivers and passengers that are sensitive to environmental pollution should change the cabin filter regularly. Check your vehicle's owner's manual for manufacturer's recommendations for your car as a starting guide. If your cabin filter is clogged, you may notice: 

  • A usual smell inside your car cabin. 
  • Reduced airflow through the vents. 
  • A noticeable reduction in horsepower. 
  • Foggy windows take longer to clear. 

Vehicle maintenance and repair in Chantilly, VA 

Checking and replacing your engine and cabin filter should be a primary part of your vehicle's annual tune-up. If you're experiencing any of the above symptoms, reach out to a reliable technician at Foreign Auto Services. A filter replacement is a simple service that can significantly boost efficiency, performance, and safety. Whether you have a BMW or a Buick, we are here to help. Our team of ASE certified technicians works on all vehicle makes and models. This quarter, we offer new and existing customers 20% off cabin and engine filter replacement to prepare your car for the winter. 

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