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Is There A Difference Between a Flashing Check Engine Light and a Steady Check Engine Light?

Flashing and a Steady Check Engine Light - What are the Differences?

You must always pay attention and get to the source of the check engine light that shows up in your car's dashboard. In most cases, the light shines a solid red or amber. However, you may find the light blinking. It is important that you know the difference and what you should do in both cases.

The blinking light shows that there is an emergency and the vehicle needs to be repaired at once. Do not drive a vehicle with a blinking check engine light. It shows a serious problem has occurred in the engine. Even when the vehicle can still drive, there might be an issue that compromises your safety on the road. If you must drive it, take it to an auto repair shop right away. Otherwise, car experts recommend towing the vehicle to the auto shop.

On the other hand, steady engine light also shows a lighter problem with the engine. While you can drive your vehicle with the light on, it is recommended that you have a diagnosis as soon as possible. The light can start flashing if you ignore it for some time.

Reasons for Flashing Check Engine Light

• Problematic Catalytic Converter: A common cause of blinking engine light is an issue with the catalytic converter. The device is located at the exhaust system and helps convert poisonous gases into harmless ones. If it fails, the car may experience serious problems with its fuel burning and power.
• Misfiring engine on one or several cylinders: Misfiring may be caused by leaking head gaskets and a mix-up of oil, and fuel-air mixture
• Faulty coils or spark plugs: This may cause misfiring on several cylinders
• Faulty engine sensors: They may include air temperature, coolant, camshaft, or crankshaft sensors
• Problems with overcharging and boost systems
• Faulty injectors

You may notice other vehicle issues when the flashing light is on, such as a rough or bumpy ride, screeching noises, problems steering the car, and an engine that loses power.

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