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Tired of Bumpy Car Rides?

Bumps, shakes, and vibrations are all things you shouldn't feel when driving a healthy car. Most of the time, it could indicate that you have a suspension issue. Other times, it could mean you need a wheel alignment, new brakes, or other tire services, so it's a good idea to have your car checked out by a certified professional at Foreign Auto Services Inc.

Get a Suspension Inspection at Foreign Auto Services Inc.

When it comes to suspension issues, you shouldn't be stressed. Often, it is something relatively minor. If you feel vibrations at both low and high speeds, you should never ignore them. It may seem insignificant and overall inconvenient to bring it to an auto repair shop, but the problem could worsen over time. Our auto repair shop usually finds vehicle shakes associated with loose components or hydraulic fluid leaks. Occasionally you can look underneath your automobile and see that the shocks or struts are oily or greasy. Wet shocks and struts are a tell-tale sign that you need suspension repair soon.

What Repairs Might Be Needed?

If the shocks or struts are the culprits, the recommendation that you should expect from your trusted mechanic will be to replace them. Like many other automotive parts, it is expected for shocks and struts to wear out over time with regular driving. When you drive a lot in a city like Chantilly and surrounding areas, it indeed puts a lot of strain on your suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires. 


Please know that Foreign Auto Services Inc. is always here to assist you with your suspension repairs and other automotive needs. We can pinpoint the exact issue that is causing you bumpy and unpleasant car rides. You'll be back on the road, feeling like new in no time. 

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