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What Are the Signs of a Failing Catalytic Converter?

If your vehicle has an internal combustion engine, it can release harmful byproducts that can in turn contribute to air pollution. To minimize the waste, each gas-powered vehicle has a catalytic converter to convert these dangerous gasses into safer ones. If your catalytic converter suddenly stops working, you can definitely tell as soon as it does. If you aren’t sure, here are the signs of a faulty catalytic converter.

Lit Check Engine Light

A check engine light can mean many troubling things, including a faulty catalytic converter. That is why it is important to have professional diagnostic testing done to be sure. If your catalytic converter is at fault, it will send a particular trouble code.

Failed Emission Test

The catalytic converter plays a huge role in the emissions system, which is why a bad catalytic converter will result in a failure of the smog test. The test may reveal too many concentrated pollutants or excess carbon emissions.


When the catalytic converter is overheated or gets damaged, you might hear a strange rattling sound from under your car. It is typically most noticeable upon starting your engine. If this is the case, you should repair your cat ASAP.

Increase in Fuel Consumption

If you’re filling up a lot more often, it may be due to a faulty catalytic converter. Don’t waste all that money on excess gas when you can put it towards the repair itself. Waiting too long can result in worse damages.


If you have an impaired catalytic converter, please bring your car to the emissions repair experts at Foreign Auto Services Inc. Feel free to give our team a call or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment today.

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