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What are the Symptoms of a Failing Transmission Speed Sensor?

A transmission speed sensor calculates the transmission gear ratio when in use. A car has two speed sensors: the ISS and the OSS, working together to show the transmission data to the car's powertrain module. The ISS sensor monitors the input shaft's speed. If these sensors get misaligned, the operation of the transmission system will be affected.

The following signs will show you if your transmission speed sensor has failed.

1. Cruise Control Fails

The main function of the speed sensors is to monitor the output and input shaft speed. But that's not the only function of these sensors. They also check cruise control. Cruise control is a system that controls the vehicle's speed automatically. Its proper functioning depends on the data from the transmission speed sensors. If it fails to work, then it means the sensors have malfunctioned. The PCM will transmit an error code to ECU, which will shut down. If that happens, it would be better to contact your mechanic immediately to have your vehicle checked.

2. Improper Or Harsh Shifting

When there's no speed signal coming from the sensors, shifting of gears will be a problem because the powertrain control module won't control them correctly. This will make the transmission not work properly. It will either shift more quickly or roughly than expected. Another problem caused by failed sensors occurs in shift timing which will cause the interval between shifts to be extended. When shifting becomes hard, the transmission's internal components can be damaged.

3. The Check Engine Light Indicates

The check engine light is a very important component of your car. If it lights, it means there's a problem with your car. You may not be able to tell whether or not it comes from the transmission speed sensors unless you check. If you can't do this on your own, call a mechanic to determine the cause of the problem. Sometimes the sensors may need to be replaced. This is something that only a qualified mechanic can decide.

Knowing the above signs is necessary so you know when to call a mechanic. If you need transmission repair, fill out the form below or call our shop today!

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