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What is the Difference Between the Muffler and the Exhaust?

As a car owner, you should know as much about your vehicle as possible. When you look at the back of your car, you see the exhaust pipe sticking out, but do you know what the exhaust is and does? If you wonder and want to know the difference between a muffler and an exhaust, read on.

What The Exhaust and Muffler Do

Your car has to combust gas for power, which produces many harmful gasses as a byproduct. The exhaust system converts these harmful gasses into safe ones before releasing them into the air.

Mufflers are part of the exhaust system and ‘muffle the sound produced by the internal combustion engine.

Essentially, the exhaust is the gas controller of your car. It ensures that the gasses produced by the engine are not released into the cabin as it would be harmful to the drivers and passengers.

Your car's exhaust manifold is responsible for collecting the gas and directing it to the piping.

The piping directs the toxic gasses from the engine to the catalytic converter, where they are transformed into less harmful gasses.

The exhaust piping then directs the relatively environmentally-friendly exhaust gasses into the muffler.

On the other hand, the muffler is the car's noise reducer. The engine produces plenty of noise when transmitting gasses to the outside of the car. Each muffler is designed to suit the specific car's noise level.

When the exhaust directs the gas into the muffler, the silencer reduces the noise through its chambers, partitions, and tubes.

The muffler absorbs the high-pitch frequencies of gasses exiting through small spaces.

Otherwise, the sound of the gases being released by the exhaust would be unbearable.

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