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Why Does My Car Have An Oil Leak

With winter in full swing in Northern Virginia, your safety on the road matters more now than anything. Before getting in your car, we want you to keep an eye out for leaks, oil leaks specifically. Engine oil leaks are one of the most common causes of engine damage. While it may seem insignificant at first, an oil leak can quickly lead to breakdowns and costly engine repairs. 

Today, we are going to help you understand the main culprits behind oil leaks. Why do they happen? And what should you do when you find an oil leak puddle under your car?

Common Causes of Oil Leaks

  • Clogged Oil Filter - A degraded oil filter can be responsible for your oil leak. As it collects contaminants from your oil, it can get very dirty over time. When you leave a dirty filter in your car too, it can cause oil to seep out. This can be resolved with an oil filter replacement
  • Loose or Damaged Oil Cap - The oil cap is located under the hood, and it is the spot where you add oil. If this part becomes loose or breaks, it can cause motor oil to leak out and pool around the engine. You can fix the problem by replacing it with a new oil cap.
  • Broken Gasket and Seals - Gaskets and seals are what keep the engine intact. They keep oil and coolant in their respective parts of the engine. When gaskets degrade, the seals will also weaken. This type of damage is common in older engines or vehicles with over 100K miles. 
  • Poorly Performed Oil Change - Human error can certainly be the cause of your engine oil leak. We see it all the time at Foreign Auto Services, Inc. When people try to do oil changes on their own without the right tools and parts, it can get messy. Some people add too much oil or use the incorrect oil. The best way to be sure your oil changes are done correctly is to take your car to a professional auto service shop. 

Let Us Fix Your Oil Leaks!

At Foreign Auto Services, Inc., we can fix your oil leaks swiftly so that you can return to the road safely. If you notice an oil puddle under your car, please do not wait to arrange a repair with our team. Our goal is to make sure your engine is healthy and dependable for as long as possible. We invite you to give us a call or visit today!

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