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Why Is My Car Not Performing As Well As It Used To

Slow acceleration, delayed gear shifts, and other bothersome problems can arise if some of your vehicle's vital components are mistreated. In this blog, we will look at a couple of important things that can result in a noticeable performance decrease. Keep in mind that even the smallest issues, like a bad sensor, can result in a lot of problems.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters are commonly overlooked as an unimportant part of your car. Well, this could not be more wrong. All of the air that goes into your engine passes through the filter. This means that if it is clogged, your engine has less air to work with, resulting in a big performance decrease.

Stuck Brakes

When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads are compressed by pistons. These exact pistons can get stuck and cause our car to go slower while also making the engine work harder. Sometimes this can be fixed by simply cleaning them, but a replacement is the best way to go.

Transmission Issues

The engine and transmission work together to provide your wheels with power. The engine makes power, and the transmission converts it to the proper amount that should be put out. When the transmission has problems, it directly affects the performance of the car. Acceleration becomes much slower, which is quite easily noticeable, so make sure to visit a repair shop near you.

Worn-Out Wheels

One reason that isn't as obvious is the wheels. When they are worn out, your car can't grip the ground, resulting in a performance loss depending on how worn they are. Sometimes the alignment also plays a role in this. When the wheels aren't aligned, they start to wear faster than usual, resulting in the same problem. We advise you to change your tires regularly to ensure your car is as safe as possible and performs at its best.

If you want to check up on some of the things mentioned above, make sure to stop by Foreign Auto Services! Our team will be happy to inspect and, if needed, service any problems.

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