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5 Key Signs It’s Time for an Oil Change

5 Key Signs It’s Time for an Oil Change

Oil changes are affordable and straightforward; when performed at regular intervals, they can enhance performance and increase your vehicle's lifespan. While most drivers rely on mileage intervals to identify when it's time to have the oil changed, it's always best to inspect the oil first hand. Your oil can be low or degraded before the scheduled mileage change comes up, so it's crucial to check it visually. If your engine is overdue for an oil change, the engine can struggle to perform and eventually overheat. Below are five indicators to determine if your vehicle will need an oil change sooner than later.  Dirty Oil  Healthy oil is an amber color and free of any debris. As you drive, the engine oil gets darker and collects particles from inside the engine. The only way to check the oil's quality is to pop the hood and pull the dipstick out. Make sure to wipe it first, then reinsert it, pull out the dipstick, and inspect the oil. If th ... read more

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