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Yearly Archives: 2020

DIY Car Repairs You Should Leave to the Professionals

DIY Car Repairs You Should Leave to the Professionals

Many drivers think of all the money they could save if they perform their own vehicle repairs. While this is great in theory, it falls flat on its face in practice. Most automotive repair jobs are just too complicated for the average person to do themselves, especially if they don't have any mechanical repair experience. Our mechanics have the certification and expertise to ensure that your vehicle is repaired correctly, the first time around. When it comes to repairs, you don't want to run into any mistakes risking your safety and other drivers on the road. Below are a few common DIY vehicle repair services that would best if they were left up to the professionals:  Replacing the windshield Windshield cracks are simple fixes, but full-on replacements should be left to the professionals. A windshield replacement is a complicated job with specialized tools. This isn't a repair you want to get even a little bit wrong, save it for the experts. F ... read more

How To Fix A Fuzzy Headlight

If you like to keep a clean car, there’s nothing more frustrating than the fuzziness of an oxidized headlight. The issue with fuzzy headlights isn’t just because they aren’t visually appealing, but how it diminishes visibility during night drives. This can turn a regular drive into a dangerous one. In the past, the headlights in classic vehicles were created with glass. The headlights on modern cars have been designed with a very tough plastic called polycarbonate plastic. While this plastic is sturdy, it’s also porous. Headlights do come with a protective film, but with wear and tear, that film can become damaged. With damage, the porous material will become oxidized.  Before you attempt to clean your headlight, it’s crucial to figure out whether the oxidation happened inside or outside of the headlight. If the oxidation is outside your headlight, the instructions below are an easy tip to remove it. If the oxidation occurred on the inside of the hea ... read more

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